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Store Specialties

Ashland Meat Company is your hometown butcher shop with Lloyd Perkins at the helm. We feature meats from our favorite farms, Dragonfly Farms and Harlow Ridge Farm.

With over 50 years of meat cutting experience, Lloyd puts his expertise into every cut of meat we sell. Lloyd is an Ashland hometown gem and has been serving this community with fresh cut meats for decades. Today, Loyd continues to provide our customers with your favorite cuts and special requests.

Come see our selection of local fresh beef cuts, pork cuts and poultry. Dragonfly Farms provides us with 100% grass fed, grass finished beef and pasture raised lamb. Harlow Ridge Farm provides us with pasture raised pork. Shirefolk Farm provides with locally raised poultry.

We also offer a selection of “Out of Town” meats, sourced from responsible farmers that are out of our area.

2 Choices of In-House Ground Beef

DRAGONFLY GROUND - Our delicious, beefy tasting blend of premium lean burger, ground from dry-aged, 100% grass-fed beef, raised around the corner in Louisa with regenerative pasturing practices. Dragonfly Farm ground blend provides a healthy dose Vitamin E and C, Beta Carotene, Omega 3’s and CLA’s. Sustainability and craftsmanship at it’s finest!

LLOYD'S BUTCHER BLEND GROUND - Choice, dry aged, grain-finished cuts, chosen by our celebrity butcher, Lloyd! He puts his artistry and expertise into every grind, ensuring high quality cuts in a tasty, marbled blend. Ground fresh in our AMC market! #lloyddoesitright

Ashland Meat Company is proud to offer Thumann's Deli All Natural product line.

NO antibiotics, NO growth hormones

NO stressful livestock environments

NO nitrates or nitrites

NO artificial, flavors, colors or preservatives

NO fillers, NO casein

NO MSG, NO Gluten

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Sliced-to-Order AMC Deli Selections

Black Forest Smoked Ham

Oven Roasted Turkey

Coto Salami

German Bologna

Virginia Salted Ham

Italian Prosciutto

Spicy Pepperoni

Creamy Swiss

Smoked Provolone

German Bologna

Monterey Jack

Sharp Cheddar

House Made Deli Sandwiches on La Bella Vita Bread

Our in-house deli will be happy to provide you with a fresh made sandwich featuring the above Thumman’s Deli Meats and our locally made, fresh baked La Bella Vita breads. We have a large selection of fixings to top off your choice.

Thumann's All Natural line begins with healthiest suppliers whose livestock are fed hormone and antibiotic free feed and are raised under stress free conditions.

Our house made items are made in small batches without any added preservatives to ensure the freshest possible taste. Because of this, they are subject to availability and items change often. See a “must-have”? Call 804 798 8311 and we will be happy to hold your selections.

More fresh items to come! Sign up for THE HERD to learn of upcoming additions.

Like to plan ahead? Call us and we will make something for you in advance (subject to availability). Our selections vary on a daily basis.


Party Favorites

Bacon Caramelized Onion Jam

Cherry Bleu Cheese Spread

Smoked Salmon Cheese Ball

Charcuterie & Deli Trays

Heat & Eat Selections

Harlow Ridge Baked Bean Medley

Twice Baked Potatoes

Harlow Ham Loaf

Dragonfly Meatloaf

AMC Daily Favorites

Lloyd’s Chicken Salad

Harlow Ham Salad

AMC Pimiento Cheese

AMC Pickles, Olives, Grape Leaves

Broccoli Salad

Seasonal Salads

WonderRoast Chicken

Lloyd still makes the ever-popular Wonderoast Chicken!